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Project Description
Flowton is a primitive open source flow charting application based on open source shape library NShape 1.0.6.The source code for NShape which is a C# project can be downloaded directly from there.

Flowton currently uses the inbuilt shapes and would want to improve for more shape libraries. I am posting a template for NShape Library creation. Do check the NShape documentation for more details. In its current release 0.2, Flowton appears as in the below picture.

PS: I am also releasing SquadLead( A TeamLead software to manage tasks, bugs, requirements, meetings, issues, testcases), as opensource for the Tasks Edition alone. Please be present on the event on Facebook.

The features of Flowton include

  1. Flowcharting capabilities with Zoom and Grid options.
  2. Four Inbuilt libraries
  3. Provision to build new libraries
  4. Print and Export capabilities

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